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We offer various Training Packages that help you and your staff to understand how to comply with employment law. You can issue hundreds of policies and procedures and think that you are complying with the current legislation, however this does not necessarily mean that your employees understand what is expected of them. We can help by offering group training sessions to explain what is ok and what isn’t. Organisations are vicariously liable for their employees behaviour and if your employees do not comply with employment law you could both be left wide open to Employment Tribunal claims.

We can also assist in the development of your employees. We can help your managers to be better managers. If you develop your employees then they will feel like they are a valued part of your organisation. It also ensures that you are getting the best out of your employees and using their skills to the best advantage for the organisation.

Training and development is important to an organisation. The hidden cost of not investing in training has a knock on effect on productivity and the morale of your staff.

We have provided training to Companies and Trade Unions on Employment Law matters and we can assist in:

Management Development

We can support you or deliver training so that your managers develop better skills and motivate your workforce. The secret to the success of management is to understand what drives and motivates people. We are firm believers that while the carrot and stick approach can bring short term results it is destined to long term failure. Employees are motivated by different things and the key is to get your managers/supervisors/foremen to understand how to get the best out of each individual.

Employment Law

We offer training in employment law to keep you updated on recent legislation or previous legislation that you do not understand. If you wish, we can provide workshops for your Company, a number of organisations at the same time which will reduce costs or one to one training within your company, the choice is yours. We can offer for example:

  • Employment tribunals and how to manage them
  • Disciplinary and grievance procedures
  • Recruitment including employments of staff from overseas
  • Performance management
  • Capability and long term sick
  • Preparing policies and procedures to meet the needs of your company
  • Bullying and Harassment in the workplace
  • Recruitment and selection including interview techniques

Training needs analysis

We will come into your Company and look at any problems that you may have. From this we will be able to identify any training needs that you require and advise you accordingly. It may be that you are able to provide this training yourself and we can support you in the background however if you require us to come into your Company we can do so either to train your employees, train the trainers or to support your trainers and provide guidance and advice.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you want to enquire whether or not we can assist you with the training within your Company. The above are examples only and we can offer much more.

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