Hawks Green Consultancy Limited represented me in my Employment Tribunal case against a large brewery. My claim was bullying and harassment in relation to my disability and sexual orientation.

Jackie Oliver represented me and helped me look through all of my insurances to see if I have any legal protection insurance to help fund my claim. We found this on my Moms contents insurance and as I lived with her I was covered by the policy so I did not have to pay for my claim.

I worked for a large brewery for approximately six months and I was severely bullied and harassed and was at a very low point in my life. I was threatened and was unfairly dismissed. Although I did not have twelve months service I still had a case. This was very frightening at first but fortunately I found Hawks Green Consultancy and was assigned with Jackie Oliver as my consultant. She guided me through the horrifying treatment that I had suffered at the hands of a Line Manager and Kitchen Manager. My case was settled out of court for a five figure sum.

I believe that the help of Jackie Oliver at Hawks Green Consultancy has changed my life. I have gained so much confidence, self-esteem and wisdom from this experience. It has given me so much more than just money, it has completely changed my life for the better as I am no longer a victim.



We are a care and support provider, offering support to over 1000 people with differing needs in East London. We employ around 400 staff across a number of London Boroughs.

Hawks Green Consultancy have helped us with a number of staffing issues, including general employee relations advice, and responses to complaints from both current and former employees. They have assisted us in setting out the ways in which we can resolve issues and deal with situations.

In working with Hawks Green Consultancy, I have found them professional, friendly, and knowledgeable. They are able to provide expert guidance on employment law alongside an understanding of how this can be implemented in a practical way in organisations, balancing the needs of our organisation and our aims with best practice.

Hawks Green Consultancy have resolved a number of staffing issues for us with the least cost and disruption to us. I would certainly use Hawks Green in the future for employment and tribunal support, and organisational change projects. I would highly recommend their services.



Jackie Oliver of Hawks Green Consultancy was instrumental in helping me get a satisfactory settlement in my claim for unfair dismissal from my employer. Jackie took over the claim somewhat late in the day but worked tirelessly on my behalf to protect my interests and achieve the best outcome she could. I was very impressed with Jackie’s knowledge and professionalism throughout. Equally, she brought empathy and understanding to her dealings with me – qualities that I very much valued during a traumatic period in my working life. I would recommend Jackie’s expertise and wise counsel to anyone else in a similar position to myself.



Hawks Green Consultancy is representing me in taking my former employer to Employment Tribunal.

I worked in the Care Sector, and had done so for almost 30 years. My career had been both successful professionally, and satisfying personally. I had attained a high level post, achieved through the ethics of hard work and professional development. Reviews and inspections over the years had consistently showed services developing in a positive way under my management. Both service users and staff were well supported by my approach to legislative requirements and by encouraging personal development and achieving personal desires and goals.

Almost a year ago I was (falsely) accused of doing something that resulted in me being dismissed from my employment, and also precluded me from both continuing to take part in many community schemes I was involved in with vulnerable groups of people, and from securing any sort of employment in the care sector. I had no idea either how to defend myself or how to begin the process that might result in a fair hearing of the incident and issues relating to my action on that day. My daughter works for a company who had had dealings with Hawks Green Consultancy and their associates before, and they recommended that I contact Jackie Oliver and discuss my case with her.

I did contact Ms Oliver and she was fantastic. She collected all the paperwork I had, all the statements made, my disciplinary and appeal minutes, and asked me to make a further statement for her to look over. She took a few days to consider them, and then she phoned me and gave me her honest opinion of the case against me, the likelihood of me winning at tribunal, and an offer to represent me if I wanted her to. Jackie did a great deal of work on my case during the preparation period, for which there was no charge. Jackie then helped me to secure financial help to fight my case, via my house insurance. I did not even know that house insurance can cover, in some cases, if the policy holder needs help with “domestic legal issues”. Without Jackie Oliver’s help I would very likely have simply accepted that there was no way I could afford representation, and allowed this travesty of justice to have gone on unchallenged.

Jackie, and now her daughter, Christie, are more than just professionals. They have a real human touch that gives you confidence that there may be justice for you. Although Jackie can make no promises to anyone of the outcome of a Tribunal, she is completely honest about how likely she feels you are to succeed in getting justice, and if you decide to employ her as your representative, she is a true friend and mentor, and will leave nothing unexplored or unchallenged in her quest for justice. Now Christie has joined the “family firm”, I can only see it getting even better, as Christie has the same human values as her mother so well displays.

My particular case is more than a little complicated, but this has not deterred Jackie and Christie at all. In fact it seems to have made them even more determined to prove that I am innocent of charges. Whether we win, or loose, I know that Hawks Green Consultancy will have done its level best, and more, to help me get justice. I can only give thanks for the day that Jackie’s contact number was given to me, and that, whatever happens at the tribunal hearing, I know they will have done their best for me. I will always be grateful to Jackie and Christie. I have no hesitation in highly recommending them to anyone who is struggling with an employment issue where specialist employment and tribunal knowledge is needed. I do not believe you will find finer, or fairer, than Hawks Green Consultancy.

I guess anyone reading this web site is likely to be looking for some help. I can only suggest you make your next call one to Hawks Green Consultancy. I don’t think you will be sorry, and it could be the best call you ever made.



I worked for a clothing Importer for over 10 years and Jackie has guided me through an out of court settlement for Constructive Dismissal after returning to work after having a baby. Jackie is extremely knowledgeable in her field, very understanding, honest and supportive; I would highly recommend Hawks Green Consultancy to any company who require professional HR services, and/or any person who feels they require assistance for and Employment Tribunal.



I was in a safe secure job when I was offered a new job with a manufacturing company. I accepted this new position and after working there for three months I noticed that the work load has decreased. I was called into the manager’s office when my three month probationary period was up and told that I was not what they were looking for.

I felt humiliated and could not believe that this was happening to me. I had never had this happen before and was not informed of any problems during my probationary period for them to do this to me. I was not given any notice pay and was sent home there and then.

I contacted Hawks Green Consultancy and they sat down with me and discussed my situation with me in easy understandable terms. I discovered that even though I had not been at the company for twelve months that I was still entitled to notice pay and that this amounted to a Breach of Contract because they failed to follow their own procedures.

I settled out of court for in excess of £1,000.00, which is what I was entitled to. Hawks Green Consultancy were very professional and easy to understand, you did not feel frightened like you do when you go to a Solicitors they were very welcoming and I would recommend them to anyone.



We are a privately owned, long established light mechanical engineering company, normally employing approximately 40 staff.

Our employ/employee relations have historically been relatively trouble free with many staff spending their whole working life with us. With the introduction of new UK and EU employment legislation we took the decision to approach this in a responsible and pro-active manner and engage professional HR support

Fortunately, we found Jackie Oliver and her team who have guided us through what has become a legal maze. Existing problems have been defused and possible future ones avoided thanks to their expertise in the management of human resources.