Redundancy and Termination


Making people redundant is a minefield. In order to protect yourself from any claim of unfair dismissal you should ensure that you follow a fair and structured process.

We can assist you in this and guide you through the planning stage to the consultation process and selection process for redundancy.

If the redundancies are due to the current climate and a reduction in work for the staff it is worth considering exploring alternatives to making employees redundant for example short time working or lay off clauses.

We recommend all avenues are explored before dismissing staff as when work does pick up the recruitment and cost of training new employees is a cost burden that you may have been able to avoid.

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There are many kinds of termination of employment contracts these include:

  • Redundancy
  • Retirement
  • Conduct
  • Capability
  • Termination of contracts with or without notice

For any termination to be fair it is important to follow a fair process. The ACAS Code can assist in this. We can also assist in guiding you through the minefield of legislation to ensure that you comply with the law on dismissals.

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