Recruitment and Selection


Are you spending numerous amounts of money trying to get the right staff for the right job? Do you spend a fortune on agencies who promise to provide you with the ideal employee? We can help you to develop the right recruitment plans and interview techniques that once in place can be utilised for all of your future recruitment requirements. We can train you and your staff how to do this efficiently or can even do this for you. This could work out more cost effective than spending thousands of pounds with recruitment agencies. Why pay someone to do what you can do yourself?

We will assist in all aspects of recruitment and selection. We will not recruit for you but will work with you so that the final decision is yours. Our aim is to not only ensure that you comply with the law on recruitment which in itself is a minefield but also to assist you in getting the right person for the right job.

The assistance we can offer includes but is not limited to:

Succession planning

This is an area that is often not explored. We do not always know the full skill set of our employees having recruited them to a particular job; nor are we always aware of the full potential of our employees and their ambitions.

Having a succession plan in place for employees helps motivation in the workplace and assists in the growth of the business. If you would like to know how this may assist your Company please call us.

Job evaluation

Before you advertise a vacancy it is always wise to evaluate the job you need to take the Company forward. You may be surprised that it may not be the same job as the vacancy left by the employee whose contract is now terminated.

Too often employers replace like for like when a vacancy arises. It is always recommended to look at your Company as a whole and evaluate whether or not you need to replace this individual and if you do in what capacity. As an outside body and a fresh pair of eyes we can work with you to identify what if any the vacancy will look like going forward.

Advertising solutions

Are you having difficulty recruiting if so we can assist you. We will not recruit for you but we will advise you on the possible solutions to getting the right people for the job and how to advertise your vacancies and stay within the law. If you would like to know more please call us

Job profiles, job descriptions, application forms, Job profiles, job descriptions and application forms are a useful tool not only in the recruitment process but also in managing an employee’s performance. When an employee is not performing to the correct standard you can refer to their job profile and description along with their completed application form to demonstrate what their job is what the areas they indicated that they had skills in from their application form and use these as a tool in any meeting. If you need assistance in this area and would like to find out more how we can assist you – Call us

Selection techniques

It is always advisable to have a structured process in place for recruiting employees whatever level in the organisation. It not only protects you from discrimination claims; (an applicant does not need any service to bring a claim before an employment tribunal for discrimination. They only have to apply for a job and not be successful) it also assists in getting the right person with the right skills to do the job

There are various selection techniques that you can consider and we can assist you with these if you wish examples are:

Structured interviews with or without a simple test

Competency based interviews – these look at the skills and ask for examples of experience

Assessment centres – these are useful for management posts where a series of activities are set to measure against competences and they are useful for assessing team work and leadership amongst other skills.

We can also provide trained individuals to provide psychometric tests should you wish to go down that route.


If you do not require assistance and instead want to develop your key employees to recruit staff we can provide training either one to one or as a group. Training will aid your employees in the understanding of the type of advertising and questioning that could be construed as discriminatory and what questioning techniques to use in which situations.


This is the key to settling in any new employee and we advise that it is tailor made to meet the needs of the employee. We can assist you to ensure that you cover all the key areas in order that your new employee settles into the culture of your Company. We will however leave the final decision on how to recruit, who to recruit and all the bits in-between and after to you after all it is your Company.

If you would like us to assist you – call us