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Are all of your documents complying with the current legislation? We offer a HR auditing and vetting service to ensure that they are. We can also assist in developing strategies to move your organisation forward ensuring that you are making the best use of your employees. We can work with you to develop your organisational structure to suit your business from the idea to completion ensuring that you are keeping inside the law every step of the way.

Are you in full compliance with current legislation? If not we can ensure you are by completing a HR Audit or vetting and amending existing documents. Further we can aid you in developing strategies to move your company forward making best use of people resources. Advising on organisational structures and being involved in consultations drafting policies and procedures staff handbooks contracts of employment etc.


Employment advice has a direct impact on Policies and Procedures and your Company Strategies. We can assist you by vetting all of your policies and procedures including your employment contracts and staff handbook.

If you have not issued employment contracts please be mindful that employees should have these within two months of employment. They may however be issued in instalments providing all of the necessary information is provided to the employee by the two month deadline. Should an employee for whatever reason have need to pursue a complaint with an employment tribunal they can claim between two and four weeks’ pay

We can write your contracts and policies and procedures for you to meet the specific needs of your business if you do not have them in place. (please see contracts of employment)

If you do have policies and procedures and they are not up to date we will amend them for you so that you do not find yourself in breach of the law.


In these current times Companies need to look at ways to maintain their market share and perhaps even look at ways that they can diversify with as little cost to the Company as possible.

It is important to understand whether your current structure is right for your business. Quite often structures evolve with the Company and may not be right for the current culture of the Company. We can work with you to look at this and make recommendations. These may be as simple as multi-skilling some of your employees or as complex as reviewing all of the working practices and the skills within the workplace.

We can assist you in developing a strategy to meet the needs of your business. We will do this by working with you and looking at your current organisational structure and the strengths and shortfalls within your Company.

In order to assist you in maintaining your market share we will carry out research on your behalf if you wish and find out how best to compete in the current market place.

Not all Companies need an in-house Personnel or Human Resource function and we can provide this service for you at a fraction of the cost that an employee of the same calibre would cost you.

If you would like to find out more about our services and how we can assist you please – call us for more information

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