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We can offer you the help you need understanding the current minefield of employment law. We offer a personalised telephone advice line for those times when you are really stuck and don’t want to talk to a stranger. One of our key values is a strong relationship with all of our clients.

As you will be aware Employment Law has become a minefield that continually seems to change making it difficult for even the most astute of employers to keep themselves fully up to date.

Whether you are a large multi sited organisation with your own Human Resource department, a small or medium sized business whose organisational structure does not lend it to be practicable to have either a Personnel Department or a Human Resources Department, we can offer you a tailor made package that will meet your requirements and keep you abreast of the ever changing employment laws that you need to comply with.

We offer an employment law telephone advice service that can be used on its own or as part of a bigger package. We will answer any employee queries you have.

Often employers do not seek advice because they do not know that a particular employee issue may have knock on effect ramifications. For example you may believe it is perfectly all right to dismiss an employee who has less than twelve months service as they cannot bring a complaint before an Employment Tribunal however you would be wrong in this belief. Although an employee may not bring a case before an Employment Tribunal for unfair dismissal if they have less than twelve months service they can still bring a claim for a raft of other complaints such as:

  • Discrimination on the grounds of age, race, sex, sexual orientation, religious belief or disability.
  • Making a protective disclosure/whistle blowing
  • Health and safety
  • Unlawful deduction of wages.

We are a Company who understand the pressures out there. All of our employees and associates have hands on experience in the workplace and have a working understanding of the employment problems that you may encounter.

Your employment queries are important to us; do not think that an employment issue is trivial as there may be underlining ramifications that you will not be aware of.

We will work with you to understand your business and how it works so that the employment advice you receive from us not only complies with the law but takes into consideration your Company culture and we will explain matters in understandable terms and ensure that you fully understand any steps that you need to make to comply with the law.

You can contact us 7 days a week and someone will always available on their mobile to speak to if the office is closed.

We are a family business and we endeavour as much as possible to ensure that you have the same point of contact when you call with your employment query.

Should you like any more information about us or to discuss how we could assist you and your organisation then please Call us for more information

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