We can help you if you are either a Company or an Employee. We strongly recommend that you do not forge ahead completing Employment Tribunal forms before taking legal advice. The answers you put at day one could see you come unstuck later on. Ensure that you have the correct guidance before completing any paperwork. We offer multiple ways that we can assist you and meet your budget.

It is very daunting to be involved with a complaint either to or from the employment tribunal. We strongly recommend that you do not complete any ET1 or ET3 forms without first taking employment law advice. It is important to ensure that with any correspondence to an employment tribunal that the relevant law is quoted in your claim/defence.

For some employers it can be very daunting to have an employment tribunal complaint drop on their desk and often it comes as a shock especially if the employee has less than twelve months service, however there are still numerous claims that can be bought even if an employee has less than twelve months service.

We can assist both Claimants and Respondents either as background advice so that you can represent yourselves or we can take conduct of your case, the decision is yours. We will not pressurise you. Whatever decision you make be assured that we will manage our costs. We always treat our client’s money as our own and do not believe in racking up unnecessary costs or bills for our clients.

Did you know that as a Claimant your legal protection insurance may cover you if you find yourself in an Employment Tribunal situation? If you call us we will talk to you about your Claim and the prospects of success and assist you in how to get the legal expenses insurance to cover you if we believe that your claim is valid.

If you follow advice from us you will strengthen your chances of succeeding in an employment tribunal. If you are a new client we will advise you honestly of the prospect of succeeding. Should your case have little prospects of success we will work to negotiate a settlement for the least amount possible in the circumstances.

We have handled numerous cases covering the whole spectrum of employment law including but not limited to numerous Discrimination claims, TUPE transfers, Protective Disclosures, Unlawful Deductions of Wages, breach of Contract, dismissal for asserting a statutory right and Health and Safety as well as Unfair/Constructive dismissal cases.

We always have our clients’ best interests at heart and look at the litigation cost of proceeding to a hearing versus the cost of settling. If it is more practicable to settle we will tell you so. It is however the Claimants decision on whether or not they wish to accept a settlement and if the case does proceed to an employment tribunal hearing we have an excellent success rate.

If you want to speak to us to get a better understanding of how to get help with an employment tribunal complaint or to find out more about us please call us and we will endeavour that you get the right advice and guidance.

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